Chill and Chat

Pastor discusses real and relevant matters of the heart, society, community, and personal.

Believe in Each Other

Because we believe in each other, we are able to create efficacious classrooms and social gatherings that respects the art of silence and healthy discussions. In silence, the inner person is able to listen, to feel, and experience the awkwardness in the practice of learning. An essential part of the classroom ritual is listening.  Listening affords the opportunity for each student to learn from someone else; hearing a variety of voices and consecutively hearing the polyvalent complexities within theology, the academy and society.  In turn, the atmosphere becomes conducive to a shared vulnerability, allowing the voices of the self-text and the marginalized to ring out.

Thusly, the varying voices brokers’ transforms discussions creating a new horizon of understanding; this is conducive for growing individuals and congregations intellectually, spiritually and personally.

In fact, these discussions are an essential part of the classroom, work place, and all of life to arrive at a more robust truth and an evolving epistemology.  When we believe in each other we are able to communicate, re-tell the story of Jesus Christ and live the story that God is still speaking.

When we believe in each other: discussions honor our lived experiences, our culture and our many traditions as conversation partners to arrive at a response for the many questions society has to offer.

So when we Chill and Chat, Pastor discusses real and relevant matters of the heart, society, and community.